Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Me??

Today has been one of those days.... I feel like no matter what I do its wrong or am being wronged. I guess I am going to have a pitty party. Wanna join?
I woke up this morning at quarter to ten and already knew my day would be bad. Its never a good day for me if I wake up that late. I was already feeling kinda down to begin with and so it was inevitable that I would end up feeling like I would just need to hop back in bed and sleep the day away. I almost did too. When it was time for MaKenna do go down for her nap, I almost went to bed myself. Too bad I didn't.
I keep telling myself its not healthy for me to stress or feel down, especially when I am prego. So this is my attempt to write down my stresses and then let it go.
So, here I go...
Stress #1- I lost my unemployment because my old employer appealed and won. Hope they have a great Christmas full of coal in their stockings.
Stress #2- Our heater/furnace is on the fritz we have had 3 guys out to see what is the deal and they have no idea!
Stress #3- I have no control over my emotions so that gets me in trouble.
Stress #4- I have so many items on my to do list that I feel like they will not get done in time. That includes Christmas shopping. (sorry Dave)
Stress #5- We finally were feeling we were on top of things then everything comes crashing down all in the same week. Is it ever going to end this roller coaster of good and bad? I would love a steady plateau of good luck. NO MORE UP AND DOWN!

Okay, so there ya go. Its out and now I need to buck up! To get me going on the right track I am going to list items I am grateful for!
#1- I am pregnant with a BOY!!! and that we are both healthy.
#2- We live in a fantastic home with a great ward.
#3- I have a fantastic family that loves me and I love them.
#4- We have no car payments... that is such an amazing feeling.
#5- Christmas is next week and it is the best time of the year!
#6- Last but most important, I am grateful for my relationship with the Lord that when I feel down I can turn to him and I know he listens and loves me.

Okay, time to be happy and relax and enjoy this time of the year and know that
"when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on!" (Franklin D Roosevelt)

Friday, December 10, 2010

What did you say?

I just have to say that I love MaKenna! She really says the funniest things already! Here are a few things to add to the list.

Me: "Makie, those are Uncle AJ's candies, not yours."
MaKenna: "Okay my mommy. Its my AJ's tanny."

MaKenna thinks when we call her MaKenna, we are calling her MY KENNA. So everyone is my daddo, my mommy, my grandma.... So darn cute!

Me: "MaKenna, what do you want to eat?"
MaKenna: "PIZZA...umm.. hamburger and fenfries!"

This is an everyday response from her! She even requests that for breakfast!

Me: "Time for bed Makie."
MaKenna: " Okay mommy. Umm... bankie, tear bear and duckie too."

If I didn't limit her to what she could have in bed with her, she would have all of her toys!

Its a BOY!

On Monday were found out the gender of the peanut! When the doc started the ultra sound we instantly saw what we thought was male genitalia. So the doc said he normally doesn't state the gender right at the beginning but since we all saw what he did he just told us. He went back to what we saw and stated we were having a BOY! Dave was grinning from ear to ear. So cute! I really am happy that Dave will be having his boy. I think we just assumed we would be having a girl, since that is what us Wilkins girls seem to do. But I finally broke the mold! We continued with the ultrasound and everything looks great. We already have a 1 pounder and hopefully he will be larger than the typical Neal baby boys. I sure hope he gets his height from my side of the family. I actually really wouldn't mind if he ends up being as tall as my brother Dennis.
So, I do have a bunch of ultrasound photos but I am choosing not to post them because who wants to see the privates of someone elses baby anyways? PLUS, I am too lazy to scan the photos to post them. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Okay, so I know these posts are all out of order but I wanted to show some of the cute decor I did in my house this Halloween.

Say What?

Makie: "oh..oh hi dado."
Dave: " Hi Makie"
Makie: "oh...oh hi mommy."
Me: "oh, hi Makie"

Makie: "Mommy, hate you, hate you."
Me: "huh??"
Makie: (arms up in the air) "I hate you"
Me: " oh, hold you...not hate you" (thank goodness she isn't already saying that!)

Me: (coughing)
Makie: "you okay??" (as she pats my back)

Me: "Dave, come here!"
Makie: "Dabe, tome here!!!"

Makie: "Chewie, chewie...chewie!"
Me: "Makie, its mommy, not Julie." (I started having Dave call me mommy when she is around.)
Makie: "okay, chewie."


This Halloween was pretty entertaining! MaKenna understood it a little and she loved getting candy from people. She did have a hard time though seeing people with scary costumes. I had to keep saying that those people were silly. MaKenna dressed up as a white tiger, I was a witch and Dave was the abominable snowman. Sadly, I do not have a good picture of Dave showing off his sweet costume!

*MaKenna loves to show us the food in her mouth but she is still a very cute tiger*

*Dave looking for treats that he can steal*

*At our ward trunk or treat with my friend Hayley. We were both very cute witches!*

*MaKenna waiting for us to take her to get some yummy treats*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Drama Queen Has Arrived!

Wow, in a matter of days MaKenna went from a sweet almost obedient toddler to a diva! When she doesn't get what she wants she cries and cries. Now this cry is different than her other 10 cries. This one contains hands over face, belly on the floor and a high pitch scream! It actually makes me laugh but to her it is serious business!!
This cry happens at least twice a day. She thinks it must be proving a point but I just shrug it off and continue what I am doing, not taking notice of the diva in the room.
I can only imagine this is the beginning of the lovely terrible two's. Yippy Skippy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

*17 Week Appointment*

Today I had my 17 week dr check up! Everything went well and I heard the peanuts heartbeat. It is always reassuring to hear the pitter patter of my baby since you cant see anything! I do feel the kicks every once in a while so that helps me too. I already love this baby so much and cant wait to meet him or her in 23 weeks! Wow that seems so far away! I have been debating of getting the early ultra sound and have decided to wait until my dr does it. So we have that scheduled and we will be finding out the gender on December 6th!!!! Only 29 more days to go... I think I can hold out.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Today is COLD and I feel good

Today is freezing! The storm last night was crazy!! I really thought our house was going to pick up and take off in the wind. If only it would take us to the Wizard of Oz..... I didn't get any sleep because the power was off and I was starting to get cold and I have a allergies or a cold so my nose was a river. But my morning/night sickness is gone?! Maybe...its been a couple days and I feel like a normal person again. I dont feel like I am going to throw up every five seconds and I can actually go in my kitchen without dry heaving! So all in all I feel good and am a happy camper.
I am debating if I am going to go to the South Town Mall and go to the early ultra sound with this baby. I went with MaKenna at 17 week and it was such a blast! I am only 15 weeks now and know if I go it wont be for 2 more weeks. I just wish I owned an ultrasound machine, now that would be sweet!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Gonna Say It!

So, I am finally gonna say it to the blog world...not Facebook.
Baby Neal #2 is on its way!!
I am officially due April 17th. (my sister Mitzi's b-day)
I have no pictures taken yet because I feel so yucky. I am showing way early this time and dont feel so pretty. In a couple months when I look pregnant and not like I have been eating a lot I will post a few pictures.
Excited that MaKenna is going to be a big sister!! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

G Wagon Love

Tonight the cutest thing happened! I was telling Dave that the car I want now is a Mercedes G Wagon. It changes daily, yesterday a BMW and last week a Volvo XC90. (Doesn't hurt to dream right?!) Anyways, I asked MaKenna if she wanted a G Wagon and she said YES! So I basically told Dave that he has to get us one now because MaKenna wanted one for Mommy. So he kindly asked MaKenna if she had $100,000 dollars and she said yes. Then he said, "okay Makie, go get your piggy bank and we will start counting how much you have saved in there." Off MaKenna went and she walked back to us with her piggy bank and handed it to Dave! What a cutie!! Too bad she was about $99,995 short!
Love you MaKenna!! You make me so happy!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Splash Park with Friends

There is this great splash park near our home and what fun it is! We have been a couple times and MaKenna is warming up to the idea of water spraying up from the ground. The first day we went with her little cousins and she wouldn't go near it. The second time she went with her little friend Sophie and they both were timid at first but loved it by the end. Neither of them really got too wet but weren't too afraid of sticking their feet and hands in the water.

Makie waiting for her friend Sophie to get to the park.


MaKenna loving the water!

Both Makie and Sophie would go touch the water and run back to us. So funny!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Growing Up So Fast!!

Do I like the fact MaKenna is growing up so fast?? NO!! I look at pictures of her when she turned one and look at her now at 21 months and think, holy! She has changed so much!! She is such a big girl. Here are a few things she does to show she is a big girl.

MaKenna: "Mommy...Mommy!!!"
Me: "What Makie"
MaKenna: "Poopie...Poopie Mommy"
Me: "Oh Makie, are you poopie??"
MaKenna: "Mommy poopie"
Then she checks my bum to see if I am poopie.

MaKenna: "Mommy!!! Peepee mommy" (as she is pulling her diaper off)
Me: "Do you need to go pee pee?? Do you want to go in the big girl toilet?"
MaKenna: (with her eyes all lite up) "Yeeesss. Pee pee."
We walk into the bathroom and go to the toilet, for the first time ever and stick her on it and she goes pee!!! I have never seen such a happy little girl when she heard her first tinkle in the toilet!! I guess now it is time to start potty training her and time to buy a little toilet seat for the big girl toilet so she doesn't fall in!

MaKenna is too smart for her own good. I had an empty box in the kitchen and she tipped it over and pushed it to our candy drawer and stood on top of it, opened up the drawer and opened every sucker she could get to! When I walked in the kitchen to see what the wrapper sound was and she noticed me, she knew she was in trouble. But she sounded so cute when she yelled, "Mommy, tanny!!!"

I have had terrible allergies this last month and have been blowing my nose a lot. So this is the out come of me blowing my nose.
MaKenna: "Ewww mommy!! EEEWWWWWW!!!"
Me: "What is Eww Makie?"
MaKenna: "Ewwwww" As she points to my face.
I look in the mirror and I have a small boogie on my nose and apparently it grossed her out!! HAHA!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sir Paul

On July 13th I had the very lucky opportunity to go to the Paul McCartney concert. I had always wanted to attend a concert that a Beatle would be singing at... and finally I was able! I was so giddy! I went with my cute dad! We went to dinner before the show and got VIP parking so we wouldn't have to walk far to the stadium. We paid for the cheapest tickets but in the lower section and gee were they good tickets! (btw the tickets sold out in less than 30 min) We were on the row right above the floor level and perfect vision of the stage. I couldn't believe my eyes when Sir Paul walked out!! I was one of those crazy girls screaming and jumping up and down... hahaha! I pretty much sang to every song and so did my dad! Paul literally sang from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Live and Let Die

Playing the piano

The view from our seats... not to shabby!

Fall Is Here

I really can't believe it is already September. We are already over half way through the month and funny how the weather is still in the upper 80's here in Utah. That's okay though, soon enough it will be cold and we will all go back to wishing it was the middle of summer. Yes, I have already put up all my Halloween decor and it looks so good! If Walmart can put their stuff up, well dang it, so can I! BUT..... I will be holding out for Christmas decor until Thanksgiving is over.
We finally have carpet in our basement. No more having to put my shoes on before I go downstairs in fear of stepping on a nail or my feet turning white with all the dust from the drywall. We still don't have any furniture in the family room. One day will will furnish it. Until then, it is our playroom for Makie to run around and play in. And she loves it!!!
I was recently called to serve as the Mia Maid adviser. With that I need to teach TWICE a month.... me teach and let alone teach twice a month! AHHHHHH!!! I did survive the first lesson I had to teach and I think it turned out fine. A little bribe here and there with candy works really well.
MaKenna is growing up so fast. I go back and look at pictures of her from a couple months ago and she doesn't even look like that anymore. Everyday she is changing and it makes me sad! But I am so happy that she is a healthy little girl who runs, screams, pulls my hair when she is mad and talks non-stop. And lets not forget how independent she is. She wants to do everything on her own. We recently when to Moab and hiked the arches. We attempted to put her in this backpacks so she could just enjoy the ride.... NO... She wanted to hike all on her own and that is what she did. She is a trooper. She loves being outside, picking up rocks and licking them. Don't ask me why licking them is part of her routine but that is what she does. She loves her stroller and baby and will push them outside for hours if I let her. She loves to swing and will yell "high" so we will push her higher. She is so much fun!!!
I love being a mom and even more love being MaKenna's mom!!!
I love you Makie!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My New Loves

These will be new additions to MaKenna's room for sure!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Newest Crave


Monday, July 19, 2010

To work or not to work

Are there days you just want to rip out your hair?? We all have those days. For 2 months I stressed about Dave and his work situation. (or the lack thereof) And its a good thing I still have hair!!!
Its amazing how much pressure being jobless can put on someone. We searches high and low for a job for Dave. One Wednesday afternoon he saw a job posting and was hesitant to apply because of his last experience with insurance. But he applied regardless. Within an hour or so of applying he got a call for an interview. YIPPY SKIPPY! First call received after sending 40 resumes out. He went in the next day to interview and they loved him. They asked him to come in for a second interview the following week. Also they asked him to take a comprehensive test and have it done before his next interview. He took it that same night and waited for his second interview to come.
Tuesday rolls around and he meets with the CEO and feels good after that interview as well. They tell him that he will know if he got the job or not by the end of the week. So we wait and wait..... Along with the waiting we prayed and prayed and did I mention PRAYED?? We wanted this job so bad. SO FINALLY we get the phone call on Friday and they couldnt offer him the job because of the test they had him take. WHAT? FOR REAL? He scored lower in the one section that they were looking at for that certain position. And every other section of the test he did great. grrrr.... I was so upset and had to learn to humble myself and realize maybe even though we felt that this position would be great for him, maybe it wasn't the right job for Dave. So on the job search again. A week later they call Dave back and say they have a different position available and that they would like to interview him for that. Yah! Dave liked the company, so he was pretty happy about that. So Dave goes in for the interview, likes the position but still wants the other one. TWO WEEKS goes by and he doesn't hear back from the company and we just assume that they hired someone else. So Dave emails the guy who contacted him in the first place and they say that they will know by the end of the week. So, that is a month gone by waiting to see if Dave will get a job with this company or not. I dont think I have ever prayed so much for something!! By this time my prayers started out as.... " Sorry to bug you again Lord, but PLEEEEAAASSEEE let Dave get this job." The end of the week comes and goes and we don't hear anything!! Finally on Tuesday he gets the call and they hired someone else. GEEZ.... ONE MONTH AND NOTHING! So we come to terms that working for that company wasn't going to happen. Then... (drum roll) they call him Thursday and they want to hire him for the 1st position he had originally interviewed for. After a month of looking for someone they realized that Dave was the perfect fit!!
Its nice to have an employed husband and now my prayers start out with a THANKS and not PLEEEAASSSEEE!!

Laguna Beach

We took my sweet mom to Laguna Beach for a much needed vacation. We stayed at the Montage Spa and Resort. Wow...that is all I can say. So glad we were able to go despite the fact Dave didn't have a job. But we needed to get out of town and relax. PLUS we only really paid a very small amount for the trip. The hotels were paid for by the Ellen Show and so was the gas. Cant beat that!


On my to do list....

This amazing shirt is something I.MUST.HAVE!

Already bought the lamp shade...now on to making the ruffles.

Umm... I am back!

Holy cow. I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged. We didn't have the internet for 3 months!!! How I survived, I DON'T KNOW!! I have to much to say and so many pictures to post. Till I get around to it... this post will have to do. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

*Dear Blankie*

Dear Blankie,
Thank you for always being there for MaKenna. She sure loves you. When mommy and daddy just isn't enough, you always step in and make everything better. Thank you for always being there even though sometimes you get dropped, ran over by the stroller, get used as a tissue and dragged all around the place. Please don't ever go. You are MaKenna's best friend! Thanks for the good times.

MaKenna's Mom