Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Monday, July 19, 2010

To work or not to work

Are there days you just want to rip out your hair?? We all have those days. For 2 months I stressed about Dave and his work situation. (or the lack thereof) And its a good thing I still have hair!!!
Its amazing how much pressure being jobless can put on someone. We searches high and low for a job for Dave. One Wednesday afternoon he saw a job posting and was hesitant to apply because of his last experience with insurance. But he applied regardless. Within an hour or so of applying he got a call for an interview. YIPPY SKIPPY! First call received after sending 40 resumes out. He went in the next day to interview and they loved him. They asked him to come in for a second interview the following week. Also they asked him to take a comprehensive test and have it done before his next interview. He took it that same night and waited for his second interview to come.
Tuesday rolls around and he meets with the CEO and feels good after that interview as well. They tell him that he will know if he got the job or not by the end of the week. So we wait and wait..... Along with the waiting we prayed and prayed and did I mention PRAYED?? We wanted this job so bad. SO FINALLY we get the phone call on Friday and they couldnt offer him the job because of the test they had him take. WHAT? FOR REAL? He scored lower in the one section that they were looking at for that certain position. And every other section of the test he did great. grrrr.... I was so upset and had to learn to humble myself and realize maybe even though we felt that this position would be great for him, maybe it wasn't the right job for Dave. So on the job search again. A week later they call Dave back and say they have a different position available and that they would like to interview him for that. Yah! Dave liked the company, so he was pretty happy about that. So Dave goes in for the interview, likes the position but still wants the other one. TWO WEEKS goes by and he doesn't hear back from the company and we just assume that they hired someone else. So Dave emails the guy who contacted him in the first place and they say that they will know by the end of the week. So, that is a month gone by waiting to see if Dave will get a job with this company or not. I dont think I have ever prayed so much for something!! By this time my prayers started out as.... " Sorry to bug you again Lord, but PLEEEEAAASSEEE let Dave get this job." The end of the week comes and goes and we don't hear anything!! Finally on Tuesday he gets the call and they hired someone else. GEEZ.... ONE MONTH AND NOTHING! So we come to terms that working for that company wasn't going to happen. Then... (drum roll) they call him Thursday and they want to hire him for the 1st position he had originally interviewed for. After a month of looking for someone they realized that Dave was the perfect fit!!
Its nice to have an employed husband and now my prayers start out with a THANKS and not PLEEEAASSSEEE!!

Laguna Beach

We took my sweet mom to Laguna Beach for a much needed vacation. We stayed at the Montage Spa and Resort. Wow...that is all I can say. So glad we were able to go despite the fact Dave didn't have a job. But we needed to get out of town and relax. PLUS we only really paid a very small amount for the trip. The hotels were paid for by the Ellen Show and so was the gas. Cant beat that!


On my to do list....

This amazing shirt is something I.MUST.HAVE!

Already bought the lamp shade...now on to making the ruffles.

Umm... I am back!

Holy cow. I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged. We didn't have the internet for 3 months!!! How I survived, I DON'T KNOW!! I have to much to say and so many pictures to post. Till I get around to it... this post will have to do. :)