Tuesday, April 6, 2010

*Dear Blankie*

Dear Blankie,
Thank you for always being there for MaKenna. She sure loves you. When mommy and daddy just isn't enough, you always step in and make everything better. Thank you for always being there even though sometimes you get dropped, ran over by the stroller, get used as a tissue and dragged all around the place. Please don't ever go. You are MaKenna's best friend! Thanks for the good times.

MaKenna's Mom

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunco Fever

We have so much fun playing bunco and dressing up is probably the best part!

I. Love. My. Bunco. Group!!

Michael Buble Concert

Michael Buble puts on such an amazing concert! He makes it fun and wow can that guy sing!! Loved going to his concert! Probably will go again next year but next will get much closer seats!

Many Faces of MaKenna

rAiN in CaLiFoRnIa

Our trip to California in January consisted of rain and more rain. It rained so much the two days we were there. I was pretty sick the whole trip because I got car sick on the way to the airport and then hopped on the plane and then had a crazy driver take us to the hotel. So, I felt yucky the whole time. Not a fun way to spend a get away. I was anxiously awaiting the for the taping of the Ellen show. They didnt allow cameras so I wasnt able to take any pictures even in the shop they didnt allow cameras. OH well.... The trip was fun and I cant wait to go to the show again.