Thursday, April 30, 2009

4 Month Old Already!?!?!

I cant believe MaKenna is 4 months old already. Time has really gone by so fast! I remember being pregnant and don't think the time when by as fast. I cant believe how big MaKenna is! She is 11 lbs! She is perfect! She no longer is sick so that is a huge relief. She now has discovered her bottom lip. She sucks on it like it is going to run off her face. :) She even sucks on her bottom lip in her sleep. A couple nights ago Dave and I gave her a bath and she was splashing so much!! I was laughing so hard she started to laugh too! I loved every second of it!! I pretty much ended up all wet after giving her that bath. Being a parent is so rewarding.
Here are some pictures from today. I love you MaKenna... you make me so happy!!

MaKenna has the best eyes! She is so cute!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mothers Day/Spring Boutique

I am going to be selling some of my stuff in Hooper.... yeah Hooper. HAHAHA!
It is going to be at a model home by Nilson Homes.
When?? May 5th
Time?? 1-7pm
Where?? 5066 West 4825 South Hooper, Utah!

If you will be in the area you should check it out! Or if you know anyone that lives in that area they should go. There will be free food and prizes. SO FUN!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last Sunday 2 more babies were blessed in my ward. I am happy we blessed MaKenna on Easter Sunday so she was the only baby blessed that day. Anyways, just this last Sunday, we were told that someone who blessed their baby named their little girl McKenna Jane... WHAT? Are you kidding me?! THAT IS MY BABIES NAME..SPELLED BETTER OF COURSE! If we would have been their I probably would have freaked out! Its a good thing we stayed home. (MaKenna has been sick...we are not just ditching) Alright.. I am done venting!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Once Again.. I amaze myself

Okay.. so I know bragging isn't a good quality in someone...BUT I feel so proud that I can use a sewing machine!! Look what I did to MaKenna's plain white onesie!!
I think I am gonna make a few and try to sell them on ETSY... what do you think?!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I finished it!!

MaKenna is sick, so I am home all day with no where to go. So an idea popped in my head, why don't I make a purse?! Of course it took me 2 days to make it since I have to tend to my child when she needs me. But all in all, I finished it! Wah Lah!!

So as you can see, my stitching is terrible.... Straight lines and me dont get along! haha... Anyways, I am so proud of myself!

Ducks visiting the Neal Home

So when we pulled up to the Neal's house Sunday afternoon this is what we saw....

Ducks just roaming the lawn!

It was so nice we had to take a walk... maybe that is what got MaKenna sick...

I love my handsome husband... he is a cutie for sure!

Cousins and Family

I think it is awesome that Edyn and MaKenna are going to be in the same grade in school. I never had cousins growing up and never was able to share cousin things with anyone. So I am so happy that MaKenna will have that! Even better that Edyn and MaKenna are only 2 1/2 months apart. I can tell they are already good friends. Ashley and I like to lay them next to each other and let them just stare at each other. It is really funny when Edyn first noticed MaKenna. I think she stared at MaKenna for like 5 minutes straight! Too funny!
Anyways, these photos are from Easter Sunday. As you can see I got picture happy!! This is MaKenna's first Easter and not only did the Easter Bunny come but she was Blessed. Good times.....

*MaKenna with her Easter basket*

*MaKenna and Edyn*

*Ashley with Edyn*

*Daddy chowing down some candy and MaKenna looking so amused but cute regardless*

*Emery with her Easter basket filled with goodies!*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and Blessing Day!

On Easter Sunday MaKenna was blessed. It was such a beautiful day outside, which made it a more beautiful day. The dress MaKenna wore was this very pretty crocheted dress. It has little pearls all around it. It was so pretty. Thanks April, for letting us borrow it!
The blessing was amazing. I am more and more grateful for Dave each day. He is such a great dad and an amazing husband. The blessing was so perfect for MaKenna. I wrote down some items that he said during the blessing but one that I really liked was that he blessed that MaKenna and I will be best friends and stay close to each other. I already consider MaKenna my besty and hope it stays that way!!
For the blessing circle the guys who stood in were: Dave, Grandpa Wilkins, Grandpa Neal, Uncle Mike Telford, Uncle Adam Starker, Kevin Davis, Tim McReavy, Jess Baldwin, Brock Hunsaker and Dallas Dorton. Jesse White was supposed to be in the circle as well but they were late. I guess Preston, their little guy had a potty issue. hahah! Our ward starts at 1pm in the dot. No "mormon standard time" in our ward!! So we had a few people show up late. :)
After the blessing we went to my parents house for food. It was all tasty. My mother did a great job getting everything ready for it. There was more than enuf food. I loved especially that the food served wasn't sandwiches! It was BBQ Chicken wings! Not your typical Mormon get together food.
The Neal's had family in town from California. It was really great seeing them again and it made MaKenna's blessing day all the more special. It is wonderful to have family that we are close to. I think having a close family bond makes life a little more wonderful and worth while.
Thanks for all of those who came to MaKenna's blessing and who helped out! Its crazy to think I am at that point in my life where we have blessed our child. They say, "time flies when you are having fun!"

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Check this deal. Copy and paste this URl. It is a amazon link, so it is safe.
It has a 150 kids songs for .99!! I haven't purchased it yet but thought someone would like to download them and tell us about it! Seems like a good deal to me. Who knows how long this deal is for but seems too good to pass up!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh MaKenna

We love being parents!

This is her looking mischievous!

Her daddy sure does love her!

MaKenna Loves to watch TV! She is a remote hog... hahahaha

I just thought I would post some new pictures of MaKenna... These are just randoms. We sure do love you MaKenna!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Allergies or a Cold?!

So last night we had quite the episode with MaKenna. I was nursing her and she started to cry. So I decided to burp her thinking maybe she had a bubble in her tummy. I was trying everything to get her to calm down. I laid her on her back (on MY bed) and was rubbing her belly. Nothing was working. All of a sudden her eyes get all big and she started to THROW UP! Not spit up but throwing up all over the place. I jumped off the bed and had her throw up on the carpet. In the mean time she was choking on her mucus she was throwing up. She was going through periods of not breathing because of the thick mucus she was trying to cough up. I was panicking so I was screaming for Dave to help me out. He got her to calm down finally after about 15 minutes. I started the shower so I could clean off because I was pretty wet from her throwing up on me. Dave decided to put her in the shower with me to help loosen the mucus. SUCCESS! She was breathing normal again. I just stood in the shower for a while with her and she LOVED it! The whole time I held her I was so happy that she was okay, the bed on the other hand had throw up everywhere! The pillows and the sheets were a mess. OOPS! haha
All night I kept a close EAR on her to make sure she was okay. She still sounds pretty congested and she does cough a lot almost throwing up every time. She doesn't look like she is struggling for breath but I can hear stuffiness for sure. We have a vaporizer we are using right now to try to help. Side note: since she was born she has always sounded stuffy or congested. My dad thinks she has allergies, maybe allergic to our dog. :( But I think since she has been stuffy and now is crying a lot more like she is uncomfortable, I think she has a cold of some sort.
Anyone has suggestions? Or has anyone had their little one go through something like this?!