Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Okay, so I know these posts are all out of order but I wanted to show some of the cute decor I did in my house this Halloween.

Say What?

Makie: "oh..oh hi dado."
Dave: " Hi Makie"
Makie: "oh...oh hi mommy."
Me: "oh, hi Makie"

Makie: "Mommy, hate you, hate you."
Me: "huh??"
Makie: (arms up in the air) "I hate you"
Me: " oh, hold you...not hate you" (thank goodness she isn't already saying that!)

Me: (coughing)
Makie: "you okay??" (as she pats my back)

Me: "Dave, come here!"
Makie: "Dabe, tome here!!!"

Makie: "Chewie, chewie...chewie!"
Me: "Makie, its mommy, not Julie." (I started having Dave call me mommy when she is around.)
Makie: "okay, chewie."


This Halloween was pretty entertaining! MaKenna understood it a little and she loved getting candy from people. She did have a hard time though seeing people with scary costumes. I had to keep saying that those people were silly. MaKenna dressed up as a white tiger, I was a witch and Dave was the abominable snowman. Sadly, I do not have a good picture of Dave showing off his sweet costume!

*MaKenna loves to show us the food in her mouth but she is still a very cute tiger*

*Dave looking for treats that he can steal*

*At our ward trunk or treat with my friend Hayley. We were both very cute witches!*

*MaKenna waiting for us to take her to get some yummy treats*

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Drama Queen Has Arrived!

Wow, in a matter of days MaKenna went from a sweet almost obedient toddler to a diva! When she doesn't get what she wants she cries and cries. Now this cry is different than her other 10 cries. This one contains hands over face, belly on the floor and a high pitch scream! It actually makes me laugh but to her it is serious business!!
This cry happens at least twice a day. She thinks it must be proving a point but I just shrug it off and continue what I am doing, not taking notice of the diva in the room.
I can only imagine this is the beginning of the lovely terrible two's. Yippy Skippy!

Monday, November 8, 2010

*17 Week Appointment*

Today I had my 17 week dr check up! Everything went well and I heard the peanuts heartbeat. It is always reassuring to hear the pitter patter of my baby since you cant see anything! I do feel the kicks every once in a while so that helps me too. I already love this baby so much and cant wait to meet him or her in 23 weeks! Wow that seems so far away! I have been debating of getting the early ultra sound and have decided to wait until my dr does it. So we have that scheduled and we will be finding out the gender on December 6th!!!! Only 29 more days to go... I think I can hold out.