Saturday, April 26, 2008

Insurance Quote Anyone?

So I am very proud of Dave. Since he had lost his job, he has been very proactive to try to find ways of bringing money in. Then a light bulb went off in his head and he realized that he needed to go back to selling insurance with Farmers. With that said, he had to take the Insurance test AGAIN. He had taken it 4 years ago and worked for Farmers and decided it wasnt for him. BUT now he is all about wanting to sell insurance. And now that he passed the test and passing it the first time, he needs leads! SO... I have a proposition for all of you out there.... with gas prices, food prices, basically living prices going up dont we all want to save some money? Of course we do!! If all of you would be SO kind, give Dave a call and let him give you a quote! Its a free quote and maybe you can save money and be able to afford to live again.
Enuf said... either write me and I will have Dave contact you or call him! :)
Thanks to everyone who is willing to help us out!

Emery Jade

Em's lil feet.... I love this picture!

It was Emery's birthday Wednesday and for her birthday she got her pictures taken. She is so cute!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Okay, so I am sitting here all alone watching basketball and think, Dave would be so proud. Then I think, why is Dave so nice and always volunteers to help people move. Thus, why I am sitting alone watching basketball. I laugh at myself. This morning I had a great but short conversation with a friend who is dealing with that same ol stuff I am dealing with and then I realize I am not the only one who is thinking about "baby" all day. The Lord has things lined up for us and we just have to be patient...oh so patient and have faith. It is always nice to be able to confide in someone who you trust. Things happen for a reason... well that is what everyone says at least. I believe it but sometimes wish I could see the future. Maybe that is why we get patriarchal blessings. Enuf sad blah stuff... I love Dave. He is the most amazing person. And the best part is that he loves me no matter what. That is what I call unconditional love! We are so happy being married, Dave always laughs and says he wonder why he wasted 4 years of dating when we could have been married. I tell him, why didnt you listen to me when I said that 4 years ago! haha....
I love my family. Emery is going to be 2 Wednesday...wait! that is tomorrow! WOW! My nephew baby Kai is so stinkin cute and my parents are great. I love my in laws too! Things are good. I love my condo, love my dog, love my car, love my bed, love my tickets to Stadium of Fire ;), love my couch...and love my husband! :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breakfast in bed

Good day sunshine...

So this is me at 7am Friday morning eating breakfast in bed....yes you guessed it! Dave brought me breakfast in bed!! It was our 1 year anniversary since Dave asked me to marry him. Lucky me!

Yes... I love taking pictures...

I think by this point Dave was sick of me taking picture after picture... :)

This is grumpy Dave... I love you! hahahahahaha

So Dave hates that I am always taking pictures of random stuff... But I love it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My lil Emsy Poo....

The cutest lil girl ever!! Lil Emery Jade Starker... Love her!

I love my niece Emery. She is a doll.... Thought I would just show off the cutest lil girl ever! :) Ash and Adam are lucky to have such a cute lil girl. Luv you Emsy poo!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Love!

I love my husband... I couldn't ask for anything more! He is so loving, patient, handsome, sweet, hard working, caring and funny. He is the greatest ever!

He is so stinkin cute!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Paisley Neal

Hi, my name is Paisley. I am one years old. I love my mom and dad..... they spoil me. I love to sleep and play when I am awake. When I am outside I love to run as fast as I can. I have a lot of toys and love to leave them all over the house. Anyways, Check out my cute pictures.

Trying to figure this blog thing out!

Yes, that is a dog! ha ha

Beautiful lights at temple square.

Okay, so I am trying to figure this whole blog thing out. I see all these cute backgrounds and don't even know how to do it! If anyone can let me know how to get cute layouts let me know. In the mean time, I am going to add some more pictures of our amusing life. I love my I will post a lot of pictures of him. :)

Wedding Pictures

My sister told me I have to add more pictures... So here you go Mitzi! :) These are wedding pictures... enjoy.

Almost our 1 year anniversary!

Okay, so Dave and I have been married now 9 months and 10 days! Time really has gone by so fast and we have enjoyed every second of it! Right now we are living in PG in a cute condo. Dave's sister actually lives on the first floor, so it is really convinient for both of us. The most exciting thing that has happened to us since we have gotten married is we got a dog! She is the cutest little thing. She is a yokie-chihuahua mix. Sounds funny but she is dang cute. She was given to us by our neighbors. The funny thing is that I am actually very allergic to dogs so I got on this allergy nose spray so we could keep her. She basically is our child. Paisley knows we love her. I always tell Dave that she is like a 2 year old with ADD. She is always making the biggest messes. She LOVES to scatter her toys all throughout the house. It kinda drives me crazy since I like to have a clean house.

In July we are planning on going to Hawaii! It will be the first time for both Dave and I. We have been saving every penny we have so we can buy stuff down there. I hear that it is very expensive there. More info on that trip when it gets closer for us to go!