Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Me??

Today has been one of those days.... I feel like no matter what I do its wrong or am being wronged. I guess I am going to have a pitty party. Wanna join?
I woke up this morning at quarter to ten and already knew my day would be bad. Its never a good day for me if I wake up that late. I was already feeling kinda down to begin with and so it was inevitable that I would end up feeling like I would just need to hop back in bed and sleep the day away. I almost did too. When it was time for MaKenna do go down for her nap, I almost went to bed myself. Too bad I didn't.
I keep telling myself its not healthy for me to stress or feel down, especially when I am prego. So this is my attempt to write down my stresses and then let it go.
So, here I go...
Stress #1- I lost my unemployment because my old employer appealed and won. Hope they have a great Christmas full of coal in their stockings.
Stress #2- Our heater/furnace is on the fritz we have had 3 guys out to see what is the deal and they have no idea!
Stress #3- I have no control over my emotions so that gets me in trouble.
Stress #4- I have so many items on my to do list that I feel like they will not get done in time. That includes Christmas shopping. (sorry Dave)
Stress #5- We finally were feeling we were on top of things then everything comes crashing down all in the same week. Is it ever going to end this roller coaster of good and bad? I would love a steady plateau of good luck. NO MORE UP AND DOWN!

Okay, so there ya go. Its out and now I need to buck up! To get me going on the right track I am going to list items I am grateful for!
#1- I am pregnant with a BOY!!! and that we are both healthy.
#2- We live in a fantastic home with a great ward.
#3- I have a fantastic family that loves me and I love them.
#4- We have no car payments... that is such an amazing feeling.
#5- Christmas is next week and it is the best time of the year!
#6- Last but most important, I am grateful for my relationship with the Lord that when I feel down I can turn to him and I know he listens and loves me.

Okay, time to be happy and relax and enjoy this time of the year and know that
"when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on!" (Franklin D Roosevelt)

Friday, December 10, 2010

What did you say?

I just have to say that I love MaKenna! She really says the funniest things already! Here are a few things to add to the list.

Me: "Makie, those are Uncle AJ's candies, not yours."
MaKenna: "Okay my mommy. Its my AJ's tanny."

MaKenna thinks when we call her MaKenna, we are calling her MY KENNA. So everyone is my daddo, my mommy, my grandma.... So darn cute!

Me: "MaKenna, what do you want to eat?"
MaKenna: "PIZZA...umm.. hamburger and fenfries!"

This is an everyday response from her! She even requests that for breakfast!

Me: "Time for bed Makie."
MaKenna: " Okay mommy. Umm... bankie, tear bear and duckie too."

If I didn't limit her to what she could have in bed with her, she would have all of her toys!

Its a BOY!

On Monday were found out the gender of the peanut! When the doc started the ultra sound we instantly saw what we thought was male genitalia. So the doc said he normally doesn't state the gender right at the beginning but since we all saw what he did he just told us. He went back to what we saw and stated we were having a BOY! Dave was grinning from ear to ear. So cute! I really am happy that Dave will be having his boy. I think we just assumed we would be having a girl, since that is what us Wilkins girls seem to do. But I finally broke the mold! We continued with the ultrasound and everything looks great. We already have a 1 pounder and hopefully he will be larger than the typical Neal baby boys. I sure hope he gets his height from my side of the family. I actually really wouldn't mind if he ends up being as tall as my brother Dennis.
So, I do have a bunch of ultrasound photos but I am choosing not to post them because who wants to see the privates of someone elses baby anyways? PLUS, I am too lazy to scan the photos to post them. :)