Monday, February 22, 2010


So time to brag.... I made this skirt for MaKenna...

where has the time gone???

I swear just when I finally catch up on this blog.... I am behind again!! geez....... So, I have so many pictures I want to post but I am not sure where my cord is to download the pictures. :( So for now, I'll update by word.
MaKenna is almost walking!! She is so stinking close! She takes a few steps then realizes what she is doing and falls on her bum. She is so funny! Luv my little pumpkin!
Dave's job is going well. I love the fact it is a stable job. I finally feel that I can breath again. phew!
So on January 18th we flew out to California to go to a taping of the Ellen Show. It was neat to have the show fly us out and put us in a hotel. Our driver that picked us up from the airport was a crazy driver. I got sooo car sick, I was sure I was going to throw up in the back seat. It rain pretty much the whole time we were in California. I was pretty bummed because we leave the snowy Utah weather to rainy California weather. So we spend one night and CA and then another driver (thankfully) picks us up and we are dropped off at the show. I was sooo excited I couldn't hold it in. The taping was AMAZING! It left me wanting more!!!!!!!!!!! The best part was that when she does her dancing part she said hi to me as she walked up the stairs. It was fun! No, I didn't get to meet her but I did get to meet all the kind people who first called me after I had emailed the show. They were all so sweet. As we were walking out, cute Jeannie ran out and said hi to me. For those of you who don't know who Jeannie is, she was the cute girl who came to our house the day I got the hugest surprise ever!! That is one day I will NEVER forget!!
So here I sit today and think, what is next in store for me????
Maybe, trying to find my cord and download pics?? hahahaha