Monday, October 25, 2010

Today is COLD and I feel good

Today is freezing! The storm last night was crazy!! I really thought our house was going to pick up and take off in the wind. If only it would take us to the Wizard of Oz..... I didn't get any sleep because the power was off and I was starting to get cold and I have a allergies or a cold so my nose was a river. But my morning/night sickness is gone?! Maybe...its been a couple days and I feel like a normal person again. I dont feel like I am going to throw up every five seconds and I can actually go in my kitchen without dry heaving! So all in all I feel good and am a happy camper.
I am debating if I am going to go to the South Town Mall and go to the early ultra sound with this baby. I went with MaKenna at 17 week and it was such a blast! I am only 15 weeks now and know if I go it wont be for 2 more weeks. I just wish I owned an ultrasound machine, now that would be sweet!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Finally Gonna Say It!

So, I am finally gonna say it to the blog world...not Facebook.
Baby Neal #2 is on its way!!
I am officially due April 17th. (my sister Mitzi's b-day)
I have no pictures taken yet because I feel so yucky. I am showing way early this time and dont feel so pretty. In a couple months when I look pregnant and not like I have been eating a lot I will post a few pictures.
Excited that MaKenna is going to be a big sister!! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

G Wagon Love

Tonight the cutest thing happened! I was telling Dave that the car I want now is a Mercedes G Wagon. It changes daily, yesterday a BMW and last week a Volvo XC90. (Doesn't hurt to dream right?!) Anyways, I asked MaKenna if she wanted a G Wagon and she said YES! So I basically told Dave that he has to get us one now because MaKenna wanted one for Mommy. So he kindly asked MaKenna if she had $100,000 dollars and she said yes. Then he said, "okay Makie, go get your piggy bank and we will start counting how much you have saved in there." Off MaKenna went and she walked back to us with her piggy bank and handed it to Dave! What a cutie!! Too bad she was about $99,995 short!
Love you MaKenna!! You make me so happy!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Splash Park with Friends

There is this great splash park near our home and what fun it is! We have been a couple times and MaKenna is warming up to the idea of water spraying up from the ground. The first day we went with her little cousins and she wouldn't go near it. The second time she went with her little friend Sophie and they both were timid at first but loved it by the end. Neither of them really got too wet but weren't too afraid of sticking their feet and hands in the water.

Makie waiting for her friend Sophie to get to the park.


MaKenna loving the water!

Both Makie and Sophie would go touch the water and run back to us. So funny!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Growing Up So Fast!!

Do I like the fact MaKenna is growing up so fast?? NO!! I look at pictures of her when she turned one and look at her now at 21 months and think, holy! She has changed so much!! She is such a big girl. Here are a few things she does to show she is a big girl.

MaKenna: "Mommy...Mommy!!!"
Me: "What Makie"
MaKenna: "Poopie...Poopie Mommy"
Me: "Oh Makie, are you poopie??"
MaKenna: "Mommy poopie"
Then she checks my bum to see if I am poopie.

MaKenna: "Mommy!!! Peepee mommy" (as she is pulling her diaper off)
Me: "Do you need to go pee pee?? Do you want to go in the big girl toilet?"
MaKenna: (with her eyes all lite up) "Yeeesss. Pee pee."
We walk into the bathroom and go to the toilet, for the first time ever and stick her on it and she goes pee!!! I have never seen such a happy little girl when she heard her first tinkle in the toilet!! I guess now it is time to start potty training her and time to buy a little toilet seat for the big girl toilet so she doesn't fall in!

MaKenna is too smart for her own good. I had an empty box in the kitchen and she tipped it over and pushed it to our candy drawer and stood on top of it, opened up the drawer and opened every sucker she could get to! When I walked in the kitchen to see what the wrapper sound was and she noticed me, she knew she was in trouble. But she sounded so cute when she yelled, "Mommy, tanny!!!"

I have had terrible allergies this last month and have been blowing my nose a lot. So this is the out come of me blowing my nose.
MaKenna: "Ewww mommy!! EEEWWWWWW!!!"
Me: "What is Eww Makie?"
MaKenna: "Ewwwww" As she points to my face.
I look in the mirror and I have a small boogie on my nose and apparently it grossed her out!! HAHA!