Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sir Paul

On July 13th I had the very lucky opportunity to go to the Paul McCartney concert. I had always wanted to attend a concert that a Beatle would be singing at... and finally I was able! I was so giddy! I went with my cute dad! We went to dinner before the show and got VIP parking so we wouldn't have to walk far to the stadium. We paid for the cheapest tickets but in the lower section and gee were they good tickets! (btw the tickets sold out in less than 30 min) We were on the row right above the floor level and perfect vision of the stage. I couldn't believe my eyes when Sir Paul walked out!! I was one of those crazy girls screaming and jumping up and down... hahaha! I pretty much sang to every song and so did my dad! Paul literally sang from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Live and Let Die

Playing the piano

The view from our seats... not to shabby!

Fall Is Here

I really can't believe it is already September. We are already over half way through the month and funny how the weather is still in the upper 80's here in Utah. That's okay though, soon enough it will be cold and we will all go back to wishing it was the middle of summer. Yes, I have already put up all my Halloween decor and it looks so good! If Walmart can put their stuff up, well dang it, so can I! BUT..... I will be holding out for Christmas decor until Thanksgiving is over.
We finally have carpet in our basement. No more having to put my shoes on before I go downstairs in fear of stepping on a nail or my feet turning white with all the dust from the drywall. We still don't have any furniture in the family room. One day will will furnish it. Until then, it is our playroom for Makie to run around and play in. And she loves it!!!
I was recently called to serve as the Mia Maid adviser. With that I need to teach TWICE a month.... me teach and let alone teach twice a month! AHHHHHH!!! I did survive the first lesson I had to teach and I think it turned out fine. A little bribe here and there with candy works really well.
MaKenna is growing up so fast. I go back and look at pictures of her from a couple months ago and she doesn't even look like that anymore. Everyday she is changing and it makes me sad! But I am so happy that she is a healthy little girl who runs, screams, pulls my hair when she is mad and talks non-stop. And lets not forget how independent she is. She wants to do everything on her own. We recently when to Moab and hiked the arches. We attempted to put her in this backpacks so she could just enjoy the ride.... NO... She wanted to hike all on her own and that is what she did. She is a trooper. She loves being outside, picking up rocks and licking them. Don't ask me why licking them is part of her routine but that is what she does. She loves her stroller and baby and will push them outside for hours if I let her. She loves to swing and will yell "high" so we will push her higher. She is so much fun!!!
I love being a mom and even more love being MaKenna's mom!!!
I love you Makie!