Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday MaKenna

Happy birthday to my sweet little girl, MaKenna!
She turned 2 on December 30th. I thought it would be fun to have it themed Olivia because it is one of her favorite shows! It took me some time to make the banner but she loved it!

I love this picture of my dad and Makie. My dad is such an amazing Grandpa! Makie loves her grandpa and the fact that he plays with her and her baby dollies!

*Cute lil Kinzley*

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Makie, Happy birthday to YOU!!

My big girl!

Delicious cupcake!

Makie opening her gifts.

Thanks to our family who came despite the previous day it had snowed a ton!! We love you guys and MaKenna loved all of her gifts!


Scott and Katy Adams said...

So cute Jules!! And isnt is so fun to see our dads be grandpas? My dad was difficult for me growing up, but I love him as a grandpa!

Jan said...

She looks all grown-up since we've seen her:(. Super cute decorations!! We sure you miss you!

Shana Smith said...

Yay, happy birthday twinner girl!! Look at your cute belly, you look just fantabulous!!!

Mitzi said...

It was so fun!